Trust and Estate Operations

Our investment managers are skilled in handling all types of financial assets and special circumstances, so you can experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your hard-earned assets are protected and available for you, as well as preserved for your heirs.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a comprehensive and continual process that encompasses:

  • Asset protection
  • Asset transfer
  • Creating wills
  • Setting up trusts
  • Naming executors
  • Updating beneficiaries of Life Insurance policies, IRA, and 401(k)s

Trust Services

By creating a trust, you can protect what is important to you. Ensure property and assets will be managed and transferred to either individuals or organizations as you intend and reduce or eliminate the costs of death taxes and probate.

Types of Trusts

  • Living Trust – helps avoid the cost and delay of probate, specifies asset ownership
  • Revocable Trust – can be changed or revoked at any time
  • Irrevocable Trust – terms and provisions cannot be changed by the grantor
  • Testamentary Trust – goes into effect upon an individual’s death
  • Charitable Trust – an irrevocable trust used to donate to a charity or develop a charitable foundation
  • Life Insurance Trust – an irrevocable trust set up to fund a life insurance policy
  • Corporate Trust – a trust created for a corporation
  • Funeral Trust – a trust created to cover funeral and burial costs