Executorships, Power of Attorney, & Bill Paying Services

Executor & Trustee

A Trustee and executor are the person(s) you assign to manage your estate. As trustee or executor, American Investment & Trust takes on the role of managing and distributing your assets to your appointed beneficiaries.

Property law can be confusing and overwhelming, especially when it comes to inheritance. Ensure that your will is honored by utilizing a neutral and capable third party to handle your assets. Make a plan today to avoid complications in the future.

Power of Attorney

As Power of Attorney, American Investment & Trust will act on your behalf should you eventually lose the mental capacity to do so. Responsibilities include managing your assets, paying your bills, and supervising your business dealings.

Prepare for every scenario with a trusted partner. If unexpected situations arise, it’s essential to have someone in your corner giving you a voice. Leave your future in capable hands with experts who care about your wishes.

Bill Paying Services

An individual may designate American Investment & Trust to pay their monthly expenses and manage their monthly income. With a proficient partner, you can stay organized and on schedule. Add convenience to your life with professional bill paying services.